Monday, September 3, 2012

Not your father's James Biernat

This isn't your father's James Biernat. Nor is it his father's.
Judge James Biernat Jr. in his relatively short time on the bench at Macomb County Circuit Court has shown a different judicial demeanor and style than his father.
The elder Judge Biernat was very deliberate and thorough in commenting on a case or talking to defendants from the bench.
His son, let's just say, is more off-the-cuff, unless he's an Oscar-winning caliber actor.
Most enjoyably, he's caustic, making his comments to defendants entertaining for courtroom observers and hopefully constructive for his targets.
He's very sarcastic, challenging defendants with rhetorical remarks such as, "Is this your plan?" "Are you just going to get back out and do heroin again?" "Do you want to spend the rest of your life going in and of prison?" 
As one attorney said, he sometimes adds some subtle bottle language to emphasize his point, with head-shaking mannerism you might see from Tyra Banks or from one of the Housewives of Atlanta.
It can make a wait for a case seem a little bit shorter for those in his courtroom.


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