Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bashara's prelim was rushed

I’m thinking that David Griem’s prognostication will come true.
Griem predicted Bob Bashara’s preliminary examination on his solicitation of murder charge will be remanded back to 36th District Court because Bashara’s new attorney, Mark Kriger, couldn't participate on Tuesday.
Griem wanted to withdraw from the case last week, but Chief Judge Kenneth King denied him.
In all due respect, I think the judge erred.
What was wrong with delaying the case for a couple of weeks?
I don’t understand the rush to justice. Bashara isn't going anywhere -- he's in custody on a $15 million bond. 
For some reason, King seemed fixiated on making sure the hearing was held as scheduled.
Wayne County prosecutors argued that their key witness, Steve Tibaudo, 54, is in poor health, inferring he might not live to see the hearing.
I’m no doctor, but Tibaudo certainly didn't seem to be on his death bed while testifying Tuesday, even if he did mention he was in line for a couple of surgeries.
Prosecutors also seemed worried Bashara could cause problems outside jail from inside.
Maybe they wanted to get Tibaudo’s testimony on the record asap. Now they have it, and if something should happen to him, they could the prelim transcript in a trial.
I guess they don’t mind the potential inconvenience of déjà vu in court.


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