Friday, June 29, 2012

“Dateline” can’t seem to get enough of Macomb area

A "Dateline NBC" crew was on hand for Wednesday’s Kym Worthy’s press conference and Bob Bashara’s solicitation-of-murder arraignment. Dateline already aired an episode on the case featuring an interview with Bashara, the person of interest in his wife, Jane’s, murder. You can bet another episode will be coming.
On top of that, word is that Dateline reporter Dennis Murphy and his cohorts will be seen from 9 to 11 p.m, July 20, in a new episode on the Michael George “comic book murder” case. The episode had been planned for May.
Dateline already did a high-quality, two-hour show on the Barbara George murder, and husband Michael George’s arrest and first trial. The episode, which featured cool comic-book style graphics, occasionally airs on MSNBC-TV.  I’m expecting the episode will highlight all the drama and legal wrangling that occurred leading up to and encompassing the second trial.
Dateline in recent years also has done shows on Macomb County’s version of murderers’ row, Stephen Grant and Arthur Ream, and accused murderer Ron Jabalee.
I don’t think it’s necessarily good for the county to have all of these horrible murder cases highlighted on national TV. But I think Dateline does a nice job in telling the stories.
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