Saturday, June 9, 2012

Clinton Township officials finally got the hint

The learning curve may not ascend as quickly as Clinton Township taxpayers prefer but at least it arched in the end.
Board of Trustees members finally realized at their June 4 meeting they could face legal ramifications from their decision to ask Clerk George Fitzgerald to resign, and if he didn’t, to ask the governor to remove him. They also banned him from his office, relegating him to other space in the township hall.
Fitzgerald (who cast the lone no vote) is accused of bullying, threatening and harassing two or three of his employees.
Officials listened and discussed the situation for more than two hours before making the moves.
The message sunk in – Do something or get sued.
As audience member Simon Haddad pointed out, “Read between the lines. What do you guys need?”
That was after Robert Palmer, attorney for one of the employees, Deputy Clerk Kim Irvine, all but tweeted, shouted or rapped that he would be visiting the Macomb County courthouse the next day if they didn’t take decisive action against Fitzgerald.
“Your obligation is to immediately send it to the governor,” Palmer said, “If you don’t do that, I think it’s not sufficient action. Your duty is protect these women, and the only way is protect these women is to not have the same work environment as this gentleman.
“The chapter is not done yet. … You have to act tonight. … If something happens to these women, in addition to Mr. Fitzgerald being responsible, the township will be responsible.”
Irvine and another employee, Sue Brooks, also indicated they would not show up for work if Fitzgerald was in their office.
Board members had no choice. They were backed into a corner, and ultimately got the message.


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