Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He zigged instead of zagged

A defendant's zig when he should have zagged drew some grins in a Macomb County courtroom on Tuesday, May 15.
Colin Olle, 20, of Warren, was being sentenced after pleading guilty to leaving the scene of a fatal crash in the death of William Ronne last September.
Caretti without a bat of an eye could have given Olle some time behind bars. But the judge told Olle as he stood in front of him that the young man was "fortunate" that Ronne's family wasn't demanding incarceration. So Caretti gave him probation, with the first 30 days on a tether.
But apparently Olle was expecting to be entering a cell that afternoon. After the sentencing was over, Olle took a couple of steps toward the mystery door in the back of the courtroom, gateway to the Macomb County Jail.
Caretti needled defense attorney Randy Rodnick.
"Does he want time, Mr. Rodnick?" Caretti asked, rhetorically, I presume.
Olle grinned as he made a quick turn toward the gallery to waiting family members.
Olle got a break, and knew it.


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