Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Attached to the podium

Assistant Macomb prosecutor John Paul Hunt not only drew giggles but provided a tip to students participating in a recent Teen Court event at 41B District Court in Clinton Township.
Hunt critiqued the high schoolers for shielding themselves from the view of a dozen jurors of their peers during closing arguments by standing behind and attaching themselves to the podium. The girl who played prosecutor and the boy who played defense attorney were stiff and nervous, and the outgoing Hunt mockingly demonstrated how they appeared.
Hunt, a large-framed man, wrapped his arms and legs around the defenseless, press-board podium, resting  his torso on the top and gripping the sides like a scared child on a roller-coaster ride.
“It’s like you guys were married to it (the podium),” he said, drawing laughter from several people in the courtroom.
He  then walked away from the podium and ad-libbed a closing argument.
Sometimes the best instruction is delivered with humor.


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