Thursday, July 5, 2012

Former Macomb assistants flee Oakland for state

A couple of former Macomb assistant prosecutors, Denise Hart and Kim Mitseff, were among the more than 20 assistants who have bolted from Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s staff over the past couple of years. They both left Macomb in favor of Oakland shortly after Cooper was elected in 2008.
Hart said Oakland wasn’t what she expected.
Both landed in good posts as they have been hired as state assistant attorneys general, on Bill Schuette’s staff. Hart started last August and Mitseff started in March.
Hart said she is doing a lot of white-collar-crime cases such as fraud and is dabbling in violent-crime cases as well, which she did in Macomb but she said she misses.
Mitseff is handling gaming cases, something she also did in Macomb; I suspect gaming cases statewide will keep her workload pretty heavy.


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