Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alleged victim's only chance was to fight

What were Renyatta Hamilton and Larry D. Stewart thinking? That Kevin Brown wouldn’t fight back when Stewart, according to Clinton Township police, tried to rob him at gunpoint? Did they think Brown would actually succumb to Stewart’s wishes and happily say, “Here you go,” and hand over his wallet?
Brown fought Stewart and ended up paying with his life, shot four times, police say. Brown must've realized that even if he had given Stewart his wallet, he probably would've been shot anyway.
Brown was allegedly set up by Hamilton, who lured him to the apartment to pick her up for a supposed date.
Stewart must've known that if he didn’t kill Brown, Brown would figure out the set up. Brown would’ve gone to police, and Hamilton would lead police to Stewart. Or maybe he would've retaliated on his own.
So Stewart either underestimated Brown or was naïve that Brown wouldn’t go to police, based on Macomb prosecutors’ version of the incident.
Either way, not smart.
Brown, on the other hand, made the choice that gave him the best chance for survival. He knew he had to fight for his life, based on prosecutor’s allegations.
Unfortunately, the good guy doesn't win very often when it comes to the brutal truth of crime. The guy with the gun usually prevails.
Stewart and Hamilton are innocent until proven guilty. Their felony murder and conspiracy trial continues this week in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens.


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