Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Otis!

Macomb County courthouse institution and shoeshine man Otis Hopson's 95th birthday party Friday had to be cancelled due to Otis' illness.

The beloved Otis, who last buffed leather last fall, was supposed to return for a visit and celebration in the courthouse lobby.

Otis, who came to Mount cCemens from Kentucky at age 5, shined shoes at his lobby stand since 1991. He left his post late last summer due to illness and made a return visit in November for a day in his honor. He apparently wasn't feeling well but wasn't able to make it Friday. He is residing with his daughter in Detroit.

His shoe shine stand has been moved from one side of the elevators to the other side so the clerk can set up public computers closer to the clerk's office.

Otis' positive attitude, quick smile and Bible quotes have been missed. 

Happy Birthday, Otis!


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