Thursday, February 14, 2013

Basketball coach won't be charged for defending himself

I'm a supporter of increased gun control, limiting the capability of guns and ammunition. But I'm also all for the right to defend yourself with a gun. It's good to see that this man defending himself won't be charged. He didn't need a ton of bullets or an assault-style rifle. Following is the press release from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office:

Juvenile Male Accomplice Charged in Robbery of King High School Basketball Coach
No Charges for Basketball Coach that Acted in Self-Defense

On Friday February 1, 2013, at approximately 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Martin Luther King High School located at 3200 East Lafayette, a 70-year-old male basketball coach was leaving the school with two female basketball players when he was accosted by two teenage males as he unlocked the door to his car.   As the coach approached the driver's side of his car a 16-year-old male armed with a gun and a 15-year-old male, both of Detroit, approached Robinson and ordered him not to move.  It is alleged that 15-year-old, tugged at a chain Robinson was wearing.  At the same time the 16-year-old pointed a gun toward the two females who were on the passenger side of the coaches car.  The females were instructed by the 16-year-old to leave the area and they ran toward Lafayette and were unharmed.

The coach is a Detroit police reserve officer with a concealed pistol license who was armed with  a registered concealed handgun.  While he was being robbed at gunpoint he pulled out his handgun and fired at the 15-year-old and the 16-year-old.  The 16-year-old male was fatally shot and discovered by the police near the scene of the robbery.  It has been determined that the coach acted in lawful self-defense and he will not be charged.

"The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office will not charge the basketball coach with any crime. This case is a textbook example of lawful self-defense.  The coach is a victim, so we are charging the 15-year-old accomplice in this case. What is left here is absolutely tragic by any standard," said Prosecutor Worthy.

The 15-year-old juvenile male in being held at the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). He is charged with two counts of Armed Robbery and two Assault with Intent to Rob While Armed  and will be adult designated. Upon conviction an adult designation gives the judge three options: 1) to sentence the defendant as a juvenile; 2)  to have a blended the sentence as juvenile and adult; 3) or to sentence the juvenile as an adult.  His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Saturday, February 16, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. at JDC located at 1326 Saint Antoine in Detroit.


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