Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kaplan returns to Macomb County

Steven Kaplan is back in Macomb County.

Kaplan, who was a top assistant prosecutor in Macomb for 24 years, abruptly left in late 2010. He spent some time with the law firm, Rodnick, Unger & Kaner in Warren, but quickly vacated that post for a contract position with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Kaplan, however, recently left that job and has rejoined Rodnick, headed by his longtime friend Randy Rodnick. Kaplan apparently may have had some suspicions or knowledge of impending doom in Worthy's office because he left only a week or two before Worthy was forced by county Executive Robert Ficano to cut 26 employees, including 22 contract assistant prosecuting attorneys.

I assume Kaplan will practice in criminal defense since that is his expertise. I hope he does because it will be interesting to see him operate on the other side of the legal wars.

For a few more details, check out my story in tomorrow's Macomb Daily business page.


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