Friday, November 16, 2012

Reiner tried to kill himself

And if the Reiner sentencing couldn't get any stranger, I later learned that Joe Reiner attended his  sentencing Wednesday in Macomb Circuit Court wrapped in a winter jacket because he (or perhaps prison officials) wanted to hide his arms. Bandages covered his arms because he tried to commit suicide in prison about a week before by cutting himself many times.
My source said it didn't seem like a serious attempt but rather an effort to attract attention, kind of like getting devil horns tattooed onto your forehead after you've been charged with attempted murder.
On the other hand, his cutting instrument may not have been up to snuff. After all, he is in prison and probably was relegated to using shaved-down comb or a pen or some other object.
And I thought he needed the jacket just because he was cold. Well, he is cold, chillingly, horrifically cold-hearted.


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