Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paper what?

David Viviano, chief judge of Macomb County Circuit Court, is bullish on the electronic filing system at the downtown Mount Clemens courthouse.
Once the county soon seals a deal with a company for computer and filing services, he expects the court will move quickly on expanding e-filing to all the civil judges in his courthouse.
Right now, his cases and those of business court Judge John Foster are the only ones at the courthouse that require e-filing of cases after the case is initially filed.
But that should start changing next year. Viviano predicted it will spread to another half-dozen judges who hear civil cases by the middle of next year. It then will go to family court cases.
Criminal cases will be the last to join on as the county’s entire justice and law enforcement system moves toward electronic documentation and communication.
And why not?  The youngsters today who will be the cops, clerks, lawyers and judges of tomorrow will know nothing different.


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