Thursday, July 25, 2013

Legal dispute serves as a time capsule

To provide some perspective about the lengthy legal battle involving the owners of a beautiful Washington Township mansion and their neighbors, consider how much has changed since it was filed nine years ago in Macomb County Circuit Court:
·        * Carl Marlinga was Macomb County prosecutor.
·       *  Mark Hackel was sheriff.
·        * The defendants’ former attorney, David Viviano, was just that. He was an aspiring prosecutor whose dream was derailed in that year's election but later became a circuit court judge and is now at the top of the legal field in Michigan as a Supreme Court justice.
·        * The plaintiffs’ attorney, Tom Kalas, has seen his three children grow up from youngsters to teenagers and a high school graduate.
·       *  The Detroit Pistons had just won their third NBA championship with Chauncy, Ben, Rip, Sheed and Tay.
·        * The Detroit Tigers were bad, 18 games below .500 and managed by beloved but overmatched former Tigers player Alan Trammel.
·        * President George Bush and John Kerry were going at it in the presidential campaign.

TThe case -- involving a palatial 9,00-square-foot home being built too close to its neighbor, per enforceable deed restrictions, has gone through two court of appeals rulings, one trial and one trial-like evidentiary hearing. But it finally may be resolved. We'll find our for sure next Tuesday.


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