Friday, June 28, 2013

Bashara gets 'team' of public defenders

It appears Bob Bashara will have a legal "team," even though its members are court-appointed and paid by taxpayers, unless the incarcerated Grosse Pointe Park man accused of helping kill his wife changes course and decides he can afford to hire an attorney.

Bashara's court-appointed attorney, Mark Procida, said two of his colleagues from a Detroit-based state public defender group -- attorneys Rene Cooper and Nancy Shell -- will assist him "due to  the amount of discovery and complexity of the case."

This maneuver gives the public the right to whine about the tax dollars going to an accused murderer and convicted solicitor of murder. But looking at the big picture, and as sickening as it may be, Bashara deserves and has a Constitutional right to a quality defense to hold prosecutors to a high standard. 

The trio, by the way, are part of the Legal Aide and Defender Association. Procida is in the State Defender's office, part of the association, which receives 25 percent of criminal appointments in Wayne County.


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