Monday, May 20, 2013

Judge will recuse herself from high profile drunken driving case

Word is that Oakland circuit Judge Rae Lee Chabot will recuse herself from Brenda Conway's drunken driving case appeal.

Chabot knows Conway's boyfriend, Macomb Judge Richard Caretti. Chabot's husband, attorney Larry Campbell, worked with Caretti for a number of years at Dickinson Wright law firm.

That seems to be the appropriate move even though Chabot isn't directly connected to Conway. The perception would not serve justice or the justice system.

Apparently, the case will be re-assigned to Judge Leo Bowman.

You may recall that Conway was charged with an enhanced charge because she allegedly drove drunk with Caretti's two minor daughters in her vehicle, along with Caretti himself, in January on the way home from Caretti family wedding reception in Macomb Township. She was nabbed at the Franklin home of Caretti's ex-wife, Lori Conway (who is related by marriage to Brenda Conway).

Conway's attorneys, Jeffrey and Andrew Abood, are fighting the case on her behalf as much as they can. She appealed district court Judge Debra Nance's denial of the suppression of evidence against Conway. The appeal contains 151 pages, although most of it is evidentiary transcripts of the cop's testimony.

Stay tuned to the Macomb Daily this week for an update on the outcome of the state Child Protection Services investigation of Caretti for allowing his children to ride with a suspected drunken driver.


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